Nesters are the perfect product to hold your nephrostomy bags. Just like a bird in a nest, your bags fit securely inside while being hidden away

... but easily accessible when needed! 

Nesters Reviews

My daughter loves these leggings! She’s had a rough pregnancy and having to get a nephrostomy made it difficult to find clothes to wear (on top of being pregnant). The leggings are soft and very comfortable!! Thank you so much for the quick response and making them with so much love!!

Lisa S.

When I was 21 weeks pregnant I had to (unfortunately!) get a nephrostomy tube put in for the rest of my pregnancy. I was feeling awful, and wondering what am I going to wear to hide this bag and tube! My sister found Jayme who makes these leggings, and it has been life changing. It is so difficult to find pants to wear, as a girl who still wants to be trendy, with these tubes and the bag. These leggings are not only SUPER soft, but they have a big enough pocket to hide the tube completely. They are the only pants that I have to wear that don't crimp the tube or bend it in a weird way.

Sara M.

These were for my mom and they are soft and comfy. They gave her the confidence to go to her granddaughter wedding without having to worry.
Your customer service was excellent and we appreciated they hand written note in the package. Would definitely order from you again!


I am a big fan of the nephrostomy pants by JayBirdFitWear. The deep pockets on each side provide ample room for both the bag and tubing that I have to wear. They give me the confidence to appear in public without worry. They are very soft and comfortable. They are great for travel....Folding to a compact size and no wrinkles! I highly recommend them!

Ruth B.


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